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Departure Times:  Temporarily offering a morning group tour on weekdays instead of the afternoon. We begin pick-up in Siem Reap around 8:00AM and return to Siem Reap by 2:00PM. We are able to do afternoon sunset tours on weekends and holidays. Please send us an inquiry to arrange a time. 


Duration:  Approximately 5.5 hours from start to finish. We spend about 3.0 hours traveling to and from Kompong Khleang (due to stops along the way) and 2.5 hours of time in the floating village visiting various sites. About an hour of the time in the village spent on a community tourism boat. Please keep in mind the travel duration will fluctuate based on season (water levels), weather, if we stay for sunset and traffic and road work.


Tour Stops:  The first stop is for fresh, Khmer sticky rice followed by a visit to a local bakery for handmade, palm sugar donuts. Afterwards, we take a boat to Bridge of Life's school. At the school we will learn a bit about education and village life. We will also see traditional homes. When the water is low we take a brief walking tour of the village, meet some families and friends, and learn how community members earn a living. The remainder of time is spent on a boat navigating the Tonle Sap, visiting an ethnic Vietnamese floating village, and watching the sunset on the lake. Please keep in mind tours are never the same - they change based on season and conditions  - so please have some flexibility and, if you have a question about what to expect on a particular day, send us a message or visit our Blog where we post updated itineraries.        


Included:  All transportation (both van and boat) including pick-up and drop-off from your hotel; English-speaking guide, boat tickets and tourism tax, cold water and snacks. 


Trip Fee:  The price is $35 USD per person and there are no additional costs or fees. All profits from the tours are transferred to Bridge of Life School. Typically this is about 45% of the total fee but correlates with the number of participants. In an effort to promote transparency you can find an infographic that breaks down costs.   



Please Note:  As of April 2017, due to the high costs of transportation, we are unable to conduct the trip without a minimum of (3) guests. When booking as a solo traveler we will let you know if we expect to have enough combined bookings to conduct a tour. This has been a bit more difficult due to Covid and low tourism in Siem Reap.  

Dry Season:  Starting around January and finishing by early June water leaves the village and the waterway slowly becomes a narrow canal. During this time we do Dry Season Floating Village Tours which slightly differ from the rainy season. Instead of taking a boat and docking at the village, we take a van directly to the village and return in the van to the boat dock. From there we take the boat as usual passing through Kompong Khleang and onwards to an ethnic Vietnamese floating village to see the sunset. To learn more about the "dry season" tour please review this blog post.

Attire: Out of cultural respect (as we sometimes visit a Buddhist pagoda) we ask you to avoid certain clothes, particularly tank tops. If you don't have appropriate clothes please let us know and we can arrange a scarf. We should also mention there is some walking during the tour so it's a good idea to wear shoes with traction.  


Children:  We enjoy having children on the tour and have reduced the price to $25 for children under 12. We also have an minimum age requirement and children (2) and under are not allowed to join our group tour but may participate in private tours.


Private Tours:  We are happy to accommodate private tour groups. This may include Jeep tours, less-visited temple tours, fishing trips, or other cultural experiences. We have worked with high school, university groups and travel groups on many occasions. Please feel free to visit our Private Tour page and email us for any inquiries.

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