Price Update - Community First: Kompong Khleang Floating Village Tours - February 1, 2020

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Dear Friends:

For of first time in our brief tour history, we need to increase rates for both our shared group tour and some of our private tour options. The price increase is in response to the mid-2019 doubling of the tourism boat tax as well as the introduction of a withholding tax (+15%) for all freelance drivers and guides from the Cambodian government. The decision was made after time discussing with one another, our local bank and tax office, and our guests themselves. The price increase will go into effect February 1, 2020 for private tours. It will go into effect during the rainy season for the join-in gropu tour. It is subject to change as the new tax role out is facing criticism and continues to evolve. This post will be updated should changes manifest accordingly.

New Rates - Group Tour (Expected June 2020)

$38.50 USD for adults; $27.50 USD for children under 12

Our afternoon, shared group tour will increase in price for $35 USD to $38.50 USD all-inclusive. This includes round-trip transportation in an air-conditioned van, local English speaking tour guide, boat tickets, tourism tax, government VAT and withholding taxes, and cold water and local snacks. As always, there are no additional or surprise fees during your experience.

We will continue to conduct a tour with a minimum of three participants if an in house guide is available. Otherwise, we need a minimum of four participants to conduct a group tour. We will let you know during the inquiry process and there is more information on this below.

While we did not want to increase the price of our tour, we feel our tour is well priced, and is currently $10.50 USD less than the largest, for-profit provider in the area. We hope we will be able to maintain these rates for the foreseeable future and we appreciate your understanding.

In order to be fully transparent, we have provided a pie chart that breaks down expenses on a four person group tour. Profitability is around $23.35 USD or $5.83 USD per person before administration fees.

We have also provide a price breakdown for an eight person group tour here. It assumes two children under the age of 12 join the tour. Profitability is around $113.15 USD or $14.12 USD per person before administration fees.

Please note these are estimates. They will slightly change based on the guide (whether they are on payroll or are classified as an independent contractor) and cost of petrol (van rental prices change based on the season and cost of petrol). They also do not include administrative fees (office rent, online marketing, accountant, etc.) that slightly increase our overall costs.

New Rates - Private Tours

We also need to increase prices on our private floating village tours:

  • Private tours now cost $231.00 USD all-inclusive. Up to four participants may join. There is an additional supplement of $27.50 after four participants.

  • Our partnership with Lavender Jeep Siem Reap will remain the same at $250.00 USD for the first Jeep. This is all-inclusive and up to three passengers may join. There is a supplement of $150 USD per extra Jeep.

  • Private fishing tours will increase to $264.00 USD all-inclusive for up to four participants.

  • Private Beng Melea and Kompong Khleang tours will remain $275.00 USD for up to four participants. They are all inclusive, but will no longer include tickets to Beng Melea or meals (estimated at around $7.00/per person).

All private tours (besides our Lavender partnership) are priced for 4 participants. If additional guests join, we need to charge $27.50 USD to help cover some of the costs.

For the implementation process, we have decided to honor previous rates for all previous bookings. The new prices will apply to all new bookings starting December 16, 2019.

Thank you again for taking the time to read this post. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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